Cory makes me feel like I can ride like I do in my dreams then he reminds me to ride as often as I dream.                                         Paulette Adams

This was one of the best things I ever did for me and my horse. We learned so much in such a short period of time it was amazing how much we bonded. It helped me understand how to show him what I wanted him to do. I certainly recommend this clinic to anyone who is able to attend one. Cory is a great teacher and has a lot of patience for those of us that are just learning. Thanks Cory for a job well done.                               Charlotte Smith

We enjoyed the class structure and techniques learned. I like the way you used the earlier exercise to support the final event, the trail ride.Cory has a good instructial presence. Nancy liked him enough to want to train with him.
Ed and Nancy Ortego

The clinic really helped me get closer to my horse, and understand a lot more of how it all works. You helping me with my horse inspired me to be a better rider and handler. It made me want to be out there every single day working with my horse to make her better. In that short time you made me a better horse person and I thank you and your family for eveything I really enjoyed it even the memorizing.
Ashlee Prejean