Cory Bourque was born & raised in Youngsville La. Cory started riding horses at the age of 4. Growing up Cory was an active member of 4H. As a teen Cory started working on ranches training horses and of course as every cowboy joined the rodeo circuit. Cory loved Bulldogging. He placed Champion, reserve champion and average champion for several years.
  In 1997 Cory married his best friend and wife Nicole. In 2000 they decided to make their home in Abbeville, La.on the 2 H Bar Ranch. They have 2 children, Hunter and Haylee.
  With Cory's love and passion for the horse he wanted and needed more knowledge. He knew he wanted more than riding the buck out of the horse. Cory started that search by watching different clinicians on RFD. Using the natural horsemanship methods he learned from TV Cory saw that change he was looking for in his horses. In 2004 Cory was able to attend a NO DUST TOUR presented by Dennis Reis. That one weekend changed Cory's life.
  Dennis Reis saw the talent and passion in Cory. Dennis continues to mentor Cory on his journey of Natural horsemanship. Cory has attended numerous one month clinics at Reis Ranch. He currently has 12 endorsements and currently competes against Dennis in colt starting contest at the NO DUST TOUR STOPS. Cory's knowledge and passion has help me start numerous colts, work with problem horses,compete in colt starting and hold horsemanship clinics around the United States.Cory continues to train horses and their owners at his ranch. He has worked with all breeds and skill levels. 
   In 2010 Cory became the Dennis Reis World Colt Starting Challenge Champion. In 2011 he became the Louisiana Equine Council Colt Starting Champion.
  Cory was honored to be able to play several parts in the movie Secretariat. Which is a must see movie.

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